Toenail Falling Off | An Introduction To Nail Fungus

toenail falling off

What Is Nail Fungus?

Nail fungus, or Onychomycosis, affects about 10% or 30 million people in the United States. Nail fungus is a fungal infection of tiny organisms called Tinea Unguium. This type of infection will likely occurred with toenails than fingernails and is six time more likely to develop fungal infection for.

This sort of infection lives under our toenails and fingernails and our nails act as extremely resistance barriers. So normally we are quite safe with such infection. However, once a fungal infection has taken hold, that nail that protects our toes, works against us and that makes treating the infection difficult.

When an infection occurs, the area around the nail will often become irritated and red and once the infection starts to spread, changes will occur on the nail and the nail bed. You may start to feel mild discomfort, itchiness and even sharp pain around the skin that surrounds the nail. Serious infection may include, bleeding and often, the nail is detached from the toe. The nail will also start to degrade and yellow, brown or even white coloration may be observed on the nail. You will feel that the infection nail becomes thicker and brittle.

Who Is At Risk For Nail Fungus?

There are many causes of nail fungal infections and all causes are preventable, some risk factors listed below would increase the likelihood of developing the infection.

  • Poor blood circulation due to existing disease
  • diabetes sufferer
  • aged 65 and above
  • previous nail injury
  • previous skin injury around the nail
  • moist fingers or toes for a long period of time
  • often wore closed-toe shoes with little circulation

How Is Nail Fungus Infection Treated?

Often, nail fungus sufferers depend on over-the-counter products and they are not reliable as the treatment may not be successful. Instead, consult your doctor and they may prescribed oral anti-fungal medication.

One thing to note that even if the nail fungus is successfully treated, almost half of all cases, nail fungus infection will return.