Common Toenail Problems?


Toenails are very important in our body as they protect the sensitive tips of our feet. Clean and problem-free toenails are indeed very important but it is sometimes inevitable to suffer from these common toenail problems with varied culprits.

Common Problems with their Symptoms and Causes

  1. Toenail falling off

The most common symptoms of toenail falling off would be pain, collection of blood under nail, discoloration, swelling and loosening of the nail. Two of the most common causes of toenail falling off are injury and fungal infection.

  1. Thickened Nails

The most common symptom would be the abnormal thickening, yellowing and crumbling of nails. The person may also feel pain when pressure is applied in the infected nail/s. The most common cause of this problem is fungal infection and abnormal pressure on shoes.

  1. Black and Blue Toenail

The bruised and broken blood vessels are the most common causes of the discoloration of the nail turning them to bluish-black.  This has the symptoms of pain and swelling like when experiencing the aforementioned problems and might even be infected with fungi or bacteria when not treated correctly or immediately.      

Commonly Affected People

Commonly affected by these common problems are middle to old age people usually who are undergoing a lot of changes that can be commonly associated with aging. People who walk barefoot a lot and/or fond of sharing personal properties like shoes and use a lot of communal facilities are also in high risk of fungal infections and/or injuries.

Treatments and Prevention

Hygiene is very important when maintaining a healthy toenail. Wearing shoes that are in the right fit for you can be a good way of preventing toenail problems. You should always exercise caution when performing activities.

Wearing clean socks and shoes are very important in order to avoid the common fungus that causes a lot of toenail problems. Also, knowing what to do when toenail falls off, or when suffering from thickened nails, blue-black nails and other problems can be very important.

So what to do when toenail falls off? What are the treatments for thickened and blue-black nails? One of the most common treatments for these type of toenail problems is Zetaclear.

Zetaclear is one of the most effective and tested treatment for fungal infections that mostly causes toenail problems. It is one of leading products in the market with high and fast success rate.

Now, you don’t have to panic because you know what to do when toenail falls off or when suffering from thickened nails, blue-black nails and other problems. If you still have questions, don’t be afraid to ask someone or to talk to your doctor. Take care!